Vision check

Do you know 80% of our perceptions of the world come from our eyes?

Our eye is not only the window to our soul, but also a window giving us a vital insight about our general health.
Many eye problems that can cause vision problems or damage in long term. They often have little or no symptoms at early stage.
No matter you are already wearing glasses or have perfect vision without glasses, regular examination every 1-2 years on eye health and vision plays an important role in preventative healthcare and it only takes about 20-30 minutes.

What will happen in an eye test?

Visual Acuity & Refraction
Your optometrist will have a in-depth discussion with you about your vision concerns and your visual
requirements.  Your vision will be assessed through reading charts at varying distance. Optometrist will take into
account your everyday needs and determining your vision needs in relation to your work and leisure.  If you currently have glasses or contact lenses, they will also assess how they are performing for you.
Ocular Health Assessment
Your optometrist will also have a detail examination of your eye health, detecting signs of eye diseases before
they can progress to affect your precious eyesight. At the end of the eye test, your optometrist will discuss your vision and eye health result with you. Base on what it means for you and your daily vision, optometrist will tailor a recommendation to your personal needs. If necessary, glasses, prescription sunglasses and contact lens will be prescribed.

Depending on individual situation, additional test may need to give a better understanding of your eye health. Some tests may need to be perform on a separate visit and they include:
●      Putting eye-drops to enlarge the pupil allowing better view of the inside of eyes.
●      Taking pictures/ scans of the back of your eyes.
●      Test for glaucoma e.g. measuring eye pressure and peripheral vision.
●      Test for binocular vision (i.e. how well your Right & Left eye work together as a team).

Signs suggesting that you may need an eye test:

●      Blurry Vision at any distances
●      Trouble reading or seeing mobile phone text
●      Headache when reading or looking at computer screen
●      Getting double vision
●      Difficulty with color discrimination
●      Difficulty when driving
●      Difficulty with glare
●      Difficulty with night vision
●      Any other change in your vision and eye health
●      Mobility problems often tripping over or bumping into objects especially on one side.

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