Contact lens fitting

Are you tired of wearing glasses? Or having problems with your current contact lenses?

Contact lenses are convenient, comfortable and affordable alternatives to glasses. They are easy to put on and made of oxygen breathable materials.  Whether you want to wear contact lens for the 1st time or need your yearly contact lens recheck, you are welcome to book an appointment with our optometrist.

What happens during a contact lens exam?

Your optometrist will assess if you are suitable for contact lens by examining your vision and cornea health. Base on your visual requirement and individual lifestyle, optometrist will tailor prescribe a contact lens solution that is a best match for you.
If you are a 1st time wearer, we will also teach you how to insert & remove the lenses, as well as provide instructions on lens care and maintenance. It may take a few visits, but our optometrists are very patient and professional. We’ll make sure you are comfortable and confident with your contact lens before we let you leave.

Are you a contact lens wearer for years but they don’t seem to work for you since you have near reading problem?

Don't worry! Today we now have multifocal contact lens, contact lens technology is improving every day as fast as mobile phone technology.
Multifocal contact lens allows us to see and feel the best near and far without switching back to wearing glasses!
Our optometrists are experts in contact lens selection and they will prescribe a multifocal contact lens that best matches your lifestyle and visual needs.

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