Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS)

Computer Vision Syndromes or Digital Eye Strain is a term used to describe a range of eyestrain and pain.

It is an eye and vision related problems due to prolonged use of computer or digital devices at near.
The level of discomfort increases as the amount of digital screen use increases.
Symptoms when you have CVS:
●    Eyestrain
●    Headaches
●    Blurry vision
●    Dry Eyes
●    Neck and Shoulder pain

​What causes Digital Eye Strain?

Looking at the computer or any digital screen at near requires a great deal of effort from the eyes to keep accurate focus and precise eye movement across the screen.  Variations of screen lighting, contrasts and glare will also place additional demands to the eyes. Essentially CVS can happens to anyone, when the high visual demands of computer or digital screen viewing exceeds the visual ability of the individual to comfortable
perform them.
Common Causes of CVS:
●    Prolonged period of computer use (e.g. 2 hours of continuous use)
●    Uncorrected vision problems
●    Wearing glasses with inappropriate prescription
●    Working in an excessively bright or dark environment
●    Poor seating posture or odd viewing angle

​How to treat CVS or Digital Eyestrain?

Solution to computer vision related problems may varies depends on the causes.   Besides proper viewing habit, regular eye examination can help us to identify the causes and address them effectively.  

If you experience any symptoms, it is important to get your eyes check by an optometrist and have a tailored solution to alleviate the problem.

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