Spots or Floaters

Spots/Floaters refers to small particles that looks like a spider web, or semi-transparent spots in our vision.

Imagine the eyeball like a Ping-Pong ball, we have the cornea in the front and the retina mounted on the inner surface at the back, then the space between the front and back is a jelly-like structure called “Vitreous”.  
Spots/Floaters are small particles in this jelly-like vitreous. They will be more noticeable when you are looking at a bright or plain background e.g. looking at a plain white wall or staring into the blue sky.

What should I do if I see Spots or Floaters?

Many people will come across seeing spots/floaters at different stages of their lives, so it is quite common. Our brain will eventually learn to ignore them in most cases.
If there is a significant increase in floaters or seeing flashes in your vision, or even spotting a “curtain” covering your eyesight, then it can be an alarming sign of retinal detachment.
It is a condition where our retina is separating from the rest of the eye.  
Retinal detachment is a sight-threatening emergency and needs immediate attention.  So if you notice floaters or even flashes, it is best to get them check out in an eye test.

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