If you have astigmatism, you’d notice your vision is slightly blurry or distorted at all distances, especially from far.

It is a condition when the front part of our eyes (cornea) has lost the regular dome-shape, as a result, light rays cannot be uniformly focused onto the back of our eyes (retina).
Symptoms of Astigmatism:

  • Images appear smudgy or distorted, especially objects at a distant.
  • Blurry vision from far as well as close up.
  • Getting headache or eye strain, especially when reading.
Our optometrist can assess your vision, helping you see clearly and comfortably by prescribing glasses or contact lenses. In some cases, shape of the cornea becomes very irregular due to a special eye disorder called “Keratoconus”. Our optometrist can provide more advanced management e.g. custom made hard contact lens to provide you a clear vision and stabilize your eyesight from getting worse.

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