Presbyopia (Age-related near focusing problem)

Human eye has the ability to focus image accurately on the retina so that we are able to see clear. This ability is called accommodation which comes from a system comprises of a flexible crystalline lens (lens) and ciliary muscles (muscles) inside the eyeball. Accommodation system is essential for us to see clear up close.

By age 40 some patients will begin to notice difficulties in focusing up close because the accommodation system starts to lose its flexibility and ability keeping things clear up close.
Common Symptoms:

  • Things up close appear blurry. Usually it starts with only small prints on labels or mobile phone messages. Eventually, the blurriness will be almost all things close up as condition deteriorates.
  • Frequent tiredness and eye strain that slow down your speed of reading
  • Needing better lighting in order to see clearer up front
  • Starting to hold things further away in order to see clearer
  • Sometimes headache may occur when working close up for a long period of time

Would my eyesight get worse once I start using reading glasses?

Answer is simply NO. This is a common disbelief that tend to arise when people start to enjoy the clarity with proper reading glasses, the blurriness without glasses will feel worse than they can remember.  
Instead, wearing proper glasses can help you avoid unnecessary tiredness and help you maintain a more stable eyesight as a result.
If you experience any changes in your eyesight, it is best to have your eyes checked immediately.

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