If you have long-sightedness, you will find it difficult to read or looking at things up close.

Long-sightedness occurs when the length of an eyeball is shorter than normal, as a result, image is mistakenly focused behind the retina, rather than on the retina surface.
Usually the eye can use its focusing ability to correct these mistakes at distance, however, the focusing ability is often insufficient to correct the same mistakes at near.
If you have long-sightedness, you’d often find it difficult to see things very close, causing eye strain and blur.

Symptoms of Long sightedness include:

  • Problem in keeping a clear focus on objects up close
  • Difficult to maintain concentration while reading
  • Getting headaches especially after near visual tasks
  • Eyes feeling tired, aching or burning
If you are hyperopic, our optometrist will assess your visual requirements. You may be prescribed glasses or contact lenses that help you see clearly and comfortably, particularly for close work.

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