HCV Eye Exam

What is The elderly health care voucher (HCV) pilot scheme?

When you are a HK resident who has a HKID card & age over 65years old, you are entitled to receive financial incentives from "The Elderly Health Care Voucher(HCV) Pilot Scheme".
You will receive HKD$2000/year from this government scheme to pay for various healthcare services in private sectors, including visioncare services at Brighter Optical Centre! If your vision problem can be correct or improved by glasses / contact lens, you may also use HCV to pay for related expenses.
Any used HCV incentive can be rolled over to the next year up to the maximum of HKD$8000. 

What will happen in an Elderly HCV Eye Test?

A HCV eye exam is different from the basic eye check for glasses. It is a comprehensive eye exam designed for elderlies over 65 years of age.
Just like any young children, elderlies are prone to changes in vision and eye health, so the examination needs to be more comprehensive and understand the needs of eye health and vision.

HCV eye exam composed of the following 5 steps:

  1. Initial inquiry: Your optometrist will listen and understand your vision concerns and any related health history.
  2. Vision Assessment: Testing your vision by reading charts at varying distance. Optometrist will take into account your everyday needs and determining your vision needs in relation to your work and leisure.  If you currently have glasses or contact lenses, we will also assess how good they are working for you.
  3. Glaucoma Eye pressure Test: Measuring the pressure inside your eyes to rule out the risk of glaucoma.
  4. Eye Health Assessment: Detail examination on the health of front part(i.e. Cataract, Dry Eye, Lid problems) and the back of your eye (eg. glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy or any detecting signs of eye diseases) before they can progress to affect your precious eyesight.
  5. Treatment & Discussions:  At the end of the eye test, your optometrist will explain your vision and eye health result to you. Base on what it means for you and your daily vision, optometrist will tailor a recommendation to your personal needs. If glasses or contact lens can improve / corrected your vision problem, you may also use HCV to pay for related expenses.

Depending on individual situation, additional test may need to give a better understanding of your eye health. Some tests may need to be perform on a separate visit and they include:
●      Putting eye-drops to enlarge the pupil allowing better view of the inside of eyes.
●      Taking pictures/ scans of the back of your eyes.
●      Test for glaucoma e.g. measuring eye pressure and peripheral vision.
●      Test for binocular vision (i.e. how well your Right & Left eye work together as a team).

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