Children's vision check

When should my child have their eyes tested?

The critical period of vision development is from birth to 9 years old. Since 80% of learning and perception comes from what we see, it is vital to detect any problems with a child’s eyes at early stage to ensure smooth learning and development of good eyesight.
Ideally speaking a formal eye test can be performed on a child at 3 years of age, and practically all children should have their eyes test before entering primary school. After that, we recommended a review every year to make sure everything goes well with
their eyesight.

Signs that my child may need an eye test:

●      Holding books too close or too far to read
●      Difficulty seeing things in the distant e.g. classroom board
●      Headache or sore eyes when reading
●      Excessive eye rubbing
●      Unusual head turn or covering an eye when watching TV or reading
●      Frequent motion sickness when traveling on cars
●      Any unusual symptoms or concerns

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